Web Security

Implementing measures to safeguard your data and your customers' data.

Worried about the dark side of the web?

The web's shadows hold identity thieves and other threats, targeting you and your customers. Don't fret! We offer double the protection: Domain Privacy shields your personal details when registering domains with us, and a diverse range of SSL certificates encrypt your website, safeguarding customer data and building trust. With these powerful tools, you and your customers can finally enjoy a secure online haven – browse with peace of mind and transact safely!


Get a fast and affordable VPN experience to secure all your devices. Enjoy complete privacy, keep your data hidden, and browse safely on public Wi-Fi with our VPN service.

Domain Privacy

When you register a domain with DesignThat Cloud, this service shields your personal information from public view in the Whois database. Your website remains visible, but your private details stay hidden, free with every eligible domain registration or transfer.

SSL Certificates

Ensure the safety of your customers' data and build trust with a range of SSL certificates. From basic to advanced validation, for single or multiple sites, we offer the perfect SSL solution to encrypt your website, preventing sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

Why Choose DesignThat Cloud for Security?

We prioritize online security for everyone, offering robust solutions to both you and your customers.

Protection for You

Lock down your account with an extra layer of defense using our free Two-Factor Authentication (U2F or TOTP). Keep your personal details shielded from public view with our free Domain Privacy Protection.

Options for Every Need

Choose from a wide range of SSL Products, from basic to advanced, covering single or multiple domains. Find security solutions that fit your budget with our competitive pricing.

Industry-Leading Support

Get expert help anytime with our friendly and knowledgeable 24/7 Support Team. Find answers and resources whenever you need them with our Comprehensive Help Center.

Security for Your Customers

Build trust with your customers by displaying a free Site Seal with your SSL Certificate. Ensure seamless compatibility across almost any browser with our SSL certificates' 99% browser ubiquity. Purchase with confidence thanks to our Money-Back Guarantee. Safeguard your customers' information with robust encryption using our SSL certificates.

Safely Unblock Content

Enjoy secure and fast streaming, data transfer, and online gaming by changing your virtual location.

Personal Privacy Protection

Work safely on any device, anywhere, without worrying about information leaks.