Scam Alerts

Protect Your Netflix & DPD Accounts: Scam Alert on

The Threat

DesignThat Cloud security engineers have uncovered a dangerous new scam campaign designed to steal your Netflix account credentials and credit card information. The scam leverages a malicious website,, that convincingly mimics the look and feel of the legitimate Netflix and DPD Group/BRT brands.

How It Works

  1. Phishing Email: The scam begins with a deceptive email sent from the domain The email claims your Netflix subscription has expired and directs you to a fake renewal link.
  1. Fake Login Page: Clicking the link takes you to a fraudulent login page ( that appears nearly identical to the real Netflix login.
  1. Credit Card Theft: If you enter your credentials, attackers redirect you to a page ( designed to look like a legitimate Netflix payment section, where you're prompted to enter credit card details.
  1. Redirection to Legitimate Site: To create a false sense of security, submitting your credit card information redirects you to the genuine domain. However, by this point, the attackers have stolen your sensitive information.
  2. DPD Group/BRT Scam: The same website also hosts a scam targeting DPD Group/BRT (, likely using a similar method to steal package tracking information and financial details.

What We've Done

DesignThat Cloud has attempted to report this malicious domain to (the domain registrar in Spain). However, navigating their reporting systems has proven difficult.

Protect Yourself

  • Don't Click Suspicious Links: Avoid clicking links in emails or text messages claiming to be from Netflix, DPD Group/BRT, or other services you use.
  • Verify URLs: Always check the website address (URL) carefully before entering login or payment details. Look for misspellings or unusual domains.
  • Go Directly to Official Sites: If you need to manage your accounts, type the official website address for Netflix (, DPD Group (, or other services directly into your browser.
  • Update Your Passwords: If you think you may have fallen victim, change your Netflix, DPD Group/BRT, and banking passwords immediately.
  • Report Scams: Report phishing attempts to the official Netflix and DPD Group/BRT support channels.

Stay Vigilant

Scammers are constantly refining their techniques. Stay alert, and trust your instincts. If something seems off about an email or website, it probably is.

DesignThat Cloud is committed to protecting our users. We will continue to monitor and report malicious activity to help keep you safe online.


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